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Sam lives in the beautiful market town of Devizes in Wiltshire. She grew 
up in North Devon, studying art from a young age. Her passion and talent 

for illustration led to a degree at U.W.E in Bristol.

Sam has worked at Ling Design for the last eight years. In that time she has 

drawn inspiration from the picturesque countryside of South West 
England, which she enjoys on a regular basis. Other poignant source 

materials include nature and wildlife; both feature heavily in favoured 
mediums, collage and watercolour.


Darren grew up in Leicestershire and started working as an artist when he 
was seventeen years old. He has recently joined the team of artists here at 

Ling Design and has quickly made an impact with his beautiful paintings. 

His work uses a variety of mediums but he particularly enjoys working in 
acrylic and watercolours.


Agnieszka graduated with an MA from the

Academy of Fine arts in Gdansk, Poland. She grew up by the
cold Baltic Sea and now lives in Bath with her husband and son.

She has worked as an in-house artist for six years and uses a variety of 
mixed media, watercolour, acrylic and digital techniques in her work.

Her inspirations come from travel, fashion, modern art and her son.


Cordelia studied Fine Art at the Cecil Institute of Florence and has been 
working as an artist for ten years. She grew up in the Wiltshire countryside 

and moved to Bristol to do a BA in History of Art in 2007. She now lives 
there with her family.

Cordelia joined Ling Design 6 months ago and loves painting in oils 
and watercolour.

Interesting patterns, fabrics and vintage objects inspire her. She likes 
vibrant uses of colour and tries to capture the feeling of light in 

her paintings.


Rebecca studied Textiles at the Winchester School of Art. Since university 
she has spent seventeen years working in greetings cards.

Initially working as an in house artist, eight years of which was spent with 
Ling Design, Rebecca recently returned to us in February 2014 as our new 

Creative Director.

Rebecca's favourite medium to work in is Watercolour and she loves the 

work of William Russell Flint. In addition she enjoys designing and 

painting digitally, loves to follow colour trends and gets her inspiration 
from nature and the world around her.


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